Kate DeValerio

Director, Human Resources


Kate DeValerio is Director of Human Resources, coordinating all aspects of human resources processes and operations – from payroll processing and benefits administration to performance reviews and recruitment.  Kate is also a key member of the annual Beyond School Hours conference team, coordinating with hotels and implementing innovations to the registration process.

As an HR professional since 2003, Kate is passionate about career and college readiness. The proudest moment of Kate’s career is when she was able to secure a government grant allowing displaced workers to go back to school for free and earn a degree, while continuing to receive unemployment benefits.  Kate believes strongly in self-improvement, constantly striving to grow and change – and inspiring those around her to do the same. 

Kate treats every day as a learning opportunity, taking advantage of every possible moment.  She loves to spend time with her family and is always on the move – running, gardening, baking, and chauffeuring her daughters to softball or cheerleading.  When Kate finally takes a moment to relax, she loves to crochet or curl up with a good book.