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Click & Go Games

Because this game allows kids to move while they practice their math skills, it engages many youth who prefer kinesthetic or tactile learning activities.

How good do kids think they are at figuring things out? That’s what scientists do. Get kids involved in the scientific process with a familiar object.

Make it up, on the spot, using whatever’s in the bag. Get kids thinking on their feet, working together, and expressing their most creative sides with an improv theater activity.

Kids love a challenge, especially ones where they find the solution. This activity challenges kids to separate a mixture using a few tools.

Students need time to be active. This game allows students to move around and burn off some physical energy while practicing listening skills.

“I’m going on a trip and I will pack…” Get kids figuring out the common element across all the things being packed.

Many kids learn best when learning is combined with movement. Enabling kids to physically “jump” into the problem often helps facilitate the thinking process. This game allows kids to use their energy to help practice math skills. It’s great for children who tend to fidget.

This game is great for building staff and/or student community and gets people up, moving around, and talking to lots of different people.

Kids will gain reading and creative writing skills.

Take traditional Pictionary to a new dimension! Practice fractions and measurement to make your own play dough. Then, use the dough to sculpt clues to a partner or team.

There are more ways to practice spelling than simply writing the words on a piece of paper. Students use teamwork and communication to learn new words and practice for their spelling test. And, it's fun!

This game practices rhyming and is excellent for pre-school and younger elementary age kids as well as English Language Learners (ELLs). Rhyming is a great way to help children and youth develop vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills.

Players create a group story by adding a few lines at a time.

Get kids working together on a surprisingly challenging task. Kids will think critically, stay engaged and even get a little silly! Enjoy bringing out the importance of careful observation, drawing and note taking with this yummy activity!

The STEM Process Tool details the steps used in scientific inquiry or exploration—the steps for supporting young peoples' natural curiosity

This game practices reading comprehension, spelling, and problem-solving.

Get your staff talking and sharing unusual statements about themselves—true and false! Great ice-breaker for staff meetings!

Kids enjoy challenging themselves, and testing their memory is one way for them to do this. Building recall and observation abilities help kids succeed in school and beyond.

Get students to learn about overlapping sets that meet 2 conditions.