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All-In-One Value Pack

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From planning staff training to developing engaging projects to incorporating activities that reach all your students, this pack has everything you need.

25 Skill-Building Meetings for Staff help you builds a high-quality program and train staff to keep it going! These two resources provide:

  • Activities, projects, and helping strategies linked to school content, with easy-to-read K-12 content standards
  • Twenty-five ready-to-use meeting templates, complete with activities and handouts. Training topics include Getting and Keeping Kids' Attention, Connecting with School, Documenting Learning, and more.

Homework Time Afterschool Style (grades K-6) and Homework Zone Program Pack (grades 7-12) make homework time more enjoyable and effective for learning! These two resources include:

  • Guides for creating activity centers and clinics to manage behavior and learning
  • Customizable templates and forms for communicating with families, schools, and students
  • Strategies and tools for training staff
  • Resources for extending the learning beyond assignments

GraffitiWall, Global GraffitiWall, and STEM GraffitiWall activate learning with printable ‘gotta-try-it' games and activities that have kids guessing, jotting, puzzling, and playing. The guides and CDs provide:

  • Dozens of ideas for grades 4 through 8 with adaptations, variations, and extensions to keep learning exciting all year
  • Instant on-the-wall activities for challenge, skill building, and fun
  • Ongoing opportunities to build academic knowledge and 21st century skills

Learning in Action Project Pack (grades 7-12) makes it easy to create, launch, and manage independent learning projects that fit your program, schedule, staff, and students. Two CDs provide guides you can customize, adapt, organize, and print into your own user-friendly project-based learning manual:

  • Do-It-Yourself Project-Based Learning – Provides everything you need to create your own projects based on student and staff interests, the local community, and program resources.
  • Experience Learning: Individual Project – Guides staff in leading independent study projects to link non-school activities with school-based learning
  • Celebrate Success: Group Project – Teaches students how to respond to Requests for Proposals to fund community service projects new activities, and other program initiatives.

More than Just Talk boosts communication and English language literacy...in school, afterschool, at home, and in the community. The guide and CD include:

  • Language-rich activities targeting English learning at all levels
  • Techniques for academic vocabulary and subject matter learning
  • Customizable checklists, planners, forms, and templates and ready-to-use staff training sessions

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