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Adventures in Global Learning
Help students explore our diverse world. Discover strategies and resources to deepen understanding and interest in world languages, cultures, and geography.

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Building Community Partnerships
It takes a village to raise a child. Learn to develop and manage partnerships with your community that benefit kids, programs, and community organizations.

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Designing Effective Homework Time
Make the most of homework time for kids and staff. Organize your space and resources to promote student engagement, positive work habits, teamwork, increased attendance, independent learning—and get kids working!

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Do-It-Yourself Staff Development
Great programs begin with great staff. Learn how to design and deliver high-quality professional development, even with limited time and resources. Walk away with tools, tips, and strategies to integrate ongoing staff development into your program.

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Early Literacy
Building a solid literacy foundation is critical for students in grades pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade. Participants will learn how to create and facilitate engaging, hands-on activities that encourage young students to discover the power - and the fun - of literacy while building critical skills.

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Engaging and Retaining Older Youth
High school students have a diverse set of needs and interests. Learn new ideas for engaging and retaining older youth, promoting positive staff-teen relationships, and implementing effective strategies for dropout prevention.

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English Language Learning in Afterschool
Engage and motivate English language learning and development. Learn how to create a supportive environment, use learner-centered activities, and help staff get and keep ELLs talking and learning.

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Food, Fitness, and Fun
Kids need help seeing how food and activity are part of being healthy. Gain resources and lessons to integrate nutrition and fitness into your program regardless of your space or program budget.

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Hands-On Academics
Integrate academic content into your program in ways that fit the afterschool environment and keep kids coming back for more. Learn practical strategies to better plan and lead engaging activities that make learning meaningful and fun.

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Incorporating Citizen Science
Understand the benefits of hands-on, authentic science experiences, how they enhance school-day learning, and how they help youth see themselves as scientists. Learn how to incorporate Citizen Science as a rich, real-world learning experience for your students.

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Involving Families in Your Program
Family engagement impacts students’ success in school and throughout life. Explore strategies that build lasting relationships, overcome common challenges, and help staff set clear goals to boost family engagement.

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Linking with the School Day
High-quality programs collaborate with schools and their staff. Gain tools and strategies to develop stronger partnerships with schools and better support students' academic development.

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Program Quality: Know It, Show It, Grow It
Effective programs connect with families, support youth development, and design dynamic learning environments. But how? Identify components of high-quality staff and programs and learn techniques to create more engaging, educational, and inclusive program environments.

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Project Based Learning in Out-of-School Time
Project-based learning keeps students engaged and invested in their academic futures. Learn how to prep, plan, and implement projects that foster strong student-staff relationships, promote learning, and build valuable student skills.

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Promoting Cultural Competence in Your Program
Build awareness of and appreciation for different attitudes, values, and ways of life. Gain strategies to promote staff and students’ cross-cultural learning, communication, and appreciation for diversity.

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Reading and Writing, Afterschool Style
Reading and writing after school-make it happen! Read-alouds, book clubs, and journaling are just the beginning; learn ways to engage and motivate youth to read, write, listen, and speak more to expand learning time in your program.

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Running a Program Just Right for the Middle Grades
Middle school students are both exciting and challenging to work with in programs. Explore tips and strategies on how to incorporate the academic, developmental, and social needs of middle grade students into your program practices and culture.

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for All
Informal, out-of-school time environments are perfect for building awareness and having fun with STEM. Gain techniques and resources to build staff confidence and promote student engagement with STEM ideas, experiences, and activities.

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Summer Fun with Hands-On Academics
A change in seasons doesn't mean the learning has to stop. Gain practical strategies to better plan and lead engaging activities that help prevent summer learning loss yet still mesh well with the spirit of summer. Train staff to create engaging activities, facilitate learning, get and keep kids' attention, utilize their talents and skills for the summer and beyond.

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Supporting Homework Success
Prepare kids for success in school and life with resources to support time management, study skills, and setting and achieving academic goals. Integrate learner-centered approaches and helping strategies to transform homework time into an engaging learning opportunity.

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Supporting Positive Youth Development
Strong relationships between staff and youth keep kids coming back. Learn how to build more enduring relationships that strengthen 21st century skills, redirect difficult behavior, and help create a dynamic environment that fits youth's developmental needs.

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Supporting Youth Living in Poverty
Growing up is hard for all youth, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Gain useful resources to help youth living in poverty succeed in school and beyond, and strategies to connect families to social services.

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Using Evaluation for Program Improvement
Gain strategies and tools to assess your program’s strengths and areas of need. Learn how to design your own assessment and use the results to create lasting program improvements.

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