Perspectives from the Field Talk Show

Navigating Students Through the Opportunity Gap

Friday, February 24, 2017 | 9:30 to 10:45 am (Workshop 5)

Through conversation, live polling, and buzz feeds, experts and audience members will explore the facts, fiction and trends related to the role that afterschool and youth development programs play in overcoming the inequality of experiences and opportunities for our students.

How do we maximize OST experiences, allowing students to build non-cognitive skills, encourage perseverance through challenges and motivate them to maintain positive academic behaviors? Join our expert panel for an in-depth, interactive conversation about how programs can provide unique and broad learning opportunities to help struggling students stay up with their peers, continue to succeed by developing a growth mindset and build the social and emotional well-being to help them thrive.


Shawn believes that out-of-school-time programming is vital for enhancing life chances for our nation's underserved students. He co-plans the Perspectives from the Field Talk Show at Beyond School Hours to fuel his passion for delivering great training content to educators in fun, creative, and engaging ways.

Shawn C Petty

Shawn C. Petty
Fellow & Faculty Member
White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship
San Antonio, TX

Introductory Remarks

Terry develops strategies and partnerships for education reform and expanded learning opportunities. His distinguished career in education includes groundbreaking research and publications, and an influential role within education, business, community, and government networks.

Terry Peterson

Terry K. Peterson, Ph.D.
Education Advisor
C.S. Mott Foundation
Kiawah Island, SC


KC provides change management, leadership and organizational development for communities, faith-based entities, philanthropies, and other non-profits.

KC Burton

K.C. Burton
President and CEO
Keveske and Associates Consulting
West Orange, NJ

Anne-Marie has a Ph.D. in Neuroplasticity and a breath of experience in applying neuroscience and psychology findings to education, business and family life.

Anne-Marie Cziko

Anne-Marie Cziko, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and
Educational Consultant
adaptED Consultants
Los Angeles, CA

Jackie leads COMPASS Collaborative's work to help youth and their families navigate challenging social, economic and academic obstacles.

Jacquelyn Santiago

Jacquelyn Santiago
Chief Operating Officer
COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc.
Hartford, CT

Rubye leads the Education Achievement strategy area in the Atlanta Civic Site (ACS) where she works to influence positive change for the children of Atlanta both in and out-of-school.

Rubye Sullivan

Rubye Sullivan, Ph.D.
Senior Associate for
Education Achievement,
Atlanta Civic Site
The Annie E. Casey
Foundation – Atlanta, GA


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