Featured Panel Session: Creating High Impact Approaches to Grade-Level Reading & Literacy

Thursday, February 23, 2017 | 9:30 – 10:45 am | Centennial Ballroom

Jump-start your day with this expert panel

Leaders from nationally renowned organizations will discuss grade-level reading and early learning/literacy issues affecting kids today in school, afterschool, at home, and in the community. This session is open to all BSH conference attendees and is the perfect complement to workshops in the GLR & literacy strand.


Ron heads the Smarter Learning Group, a national consulting firm focused on helping education-related organizations achieve better results, build stronger partnerships, and attract more investment. In that capacity, he also serves as the director of the Grade-Level Reading Support Center for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, a collaborative enterprise to improve reading proficiency for low-income children that involves more than 285 communities in 42 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Ron Fairchild

Ron Fairchild
President and CEO
Smarter Learning Group


Rhonda has dedicated her career to changing the trajectory of underserved students, schools, and communities. She brings visionary leadership to Foundations, Inc. and has expanded the services of the organization to provide both supportive and direct assistance to those in need. Rhonda led Foundations' grade-level reading work with the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Making Connections initiative which strove to bridge the gap between those who live in low income communities and those who reside in higher income neighborhoods.

Rhonda H. Lauer

Rhonda H. Lauer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Foundations, Inc.
Mount Laurel, NJ

Dr. Lyles provides leadership for over 13 discretionary and formula programs, overseeing a $4 billion educational investment. She advises the Assistant Secretary on education matters, issues, and initiatives that impact students at the pre-K through high school levels. She briefs the Secretary's policy committee and senior staff on national educational issues and concerns where she recommends corrective actions or strategies for program development and improvement.

Sylvia E. Lyles

Sylvia E. Lyles
Director, Office of Academic Improvement Programs,
U.S. Department of Education
Washington, DC

Jane is a social worker and youth worker with over four decades of experience that includes direct service with children and families, program development, fundraising, grant-making, research and advocacy. At The Children's Aid Society, Jane focuses on advancing the community schools strategy as a preferred education reform approach. She provides strategic planning and sustainability expertise to the Society's 22 local community schools.

Jane Quinn

Jane Quinn
Vice President for Community Schools and
Director, National Center for Community Schools,
The Children's Aid Society
New York, NY

Debra has 30+ years' experience in public education as a teacher, diagnostician, campus administrator and executive director of special programs, and student support services. She has worked in the private sector with project development, grants, community initiatives and private-public partnerships. She currently oversees an Innovative Approaches to Literacy Grant and assists with the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Project.

Debra Mahone

Debra Mahone
Grants Project Director
Elgin Independent School District
Elgin, TX


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