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Hershawna Turner

Education Specialist

Hershawna Turner has thirteen years of experience in education policy and advocacy, which informs her work as part of the Center for Afterschool and Expanded Learning team.  In her work as an Education Specialist, Hershawna contributes to the U.S. Department of Education's You for Youth (Y4Y) web portal and works on various Foundations initiatives, including technical assistance, professional development, and evaluation.

Hershawna's past experience includes research in curriculum and instruction, training and advocacy for  early learning educators , and three years of teaching at the university level.  In particular, she has focused on building educator competency across the learning day with regard to diversity, equity, and empowerment.

Hershawna is currently completing her PhD in Administrative and Policy Studies in Education at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in digital storytelling as a tool for identity negotiation in youth.  She holds an MBA from St. Edward's University, as well as a BBA and a BA from Texas State University.