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Mission & History


Foundations is dedicated to improving the quality of education for our nation’s children by strengthening the skills of educators.


In 1992, in response to an emerging need for more instruction during non-school hours, the Schwartz Foundation created Foundations, Inc., a nonprofit, community service organization, to operate afterschool enrichment programs for children and families in underserved neighborhoods. We began by operating one afterschool program in an elementary school in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Today, 20 years later, Foundations has grown and diversified, building our expertise in learning across the entire day and leading a movement of new thinking about educational innovation and program design. As we build our expertise, we want to share what we learn with others. We believe that we can have the greatest impact by working with adults who work with children as well as at the system level.

Today, Foundations is a capacity-building organization focused on professional development, technical assistance, program development and design, and supporting tools, publications, and services. Through close partnerships with schools, school districts, community organizations, and afterschool networks, we help children thrive in school and in life.


Creating a brighter future for every child—every day.


  • Learning...

    We are committed to fostering a learning environment by encouraging our employees to build knowledge and to share lessons learned.

  • Dedication...

    Every one of our staff members is committed to our mission to serve the children and families who need us the most.

  • Teamwork...

    Teamwork is the building block for all that we do. Effective communication and collaboration is the only way to succeed in meeting our goals.

  • Quality...

    We strive to maintain high standards by consistently providing quality products and services and building quality relationships.

  • Accountability...

    We hold ourselves accountable for the decisions and actions we make and for maintaining strong relationships with our partners and clients.

  • Diversity...

    We respect the individual and appreciate new ideas, skills, and contributions that each person brings to our organization. Diversity shows in the work that we do, the people that we serve, and the background and skills that we possess.

  • Integrity...

    We believe that honesty and trust are the keys to building lasting professional relationships.

  • Ethics...

    Our values are reflective of the highest moral principles guiding us as individuals and our organization's culture, practices and behavior.

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